For Pelvi stockist & wholesale enquires please contact our distributor Alita Sales. 

Website: https://www.alitasales.com.au

Phone: 1300 769 355

Email: sales@alitasales.com.au

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What size should I take?

JAX is true to AU standard size, so snap up a pair in your regular underwear size.

How do you wash them?

Just like normal underwear! Machine wash in a cold or hot cycle, and then hang to dry in full sunlight.

Are JAX a good solution after prostate surgery

JAX is an ideal solution to leaks and drips after surgery. Talk to your doctor about JAX as post op solution. 

Who is JAX Boxers for?

For anyone. The moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep you free from perspiration and the absorbent panel keeps leaks away. Aborbs up to 30ml

What are JAX made with?

Outer: is 100% Cotton

Inner: is 50% Bamboo / 50% Cotton

How long does shipping take?

We use Australia Post shipping, orders are dispatched same day and can take 3-7 days to arrive. 

How long can you wear them?

You can go all day without changes or wear them overnight. Subject to care JAX underwear can last from 1-2 years.

What does it feel like wearing JAX?

Just like regular underwear! Because of the fabric technology used, we are able to make JAX underwear very slim and lightweight. The outer layer is cotton and inner layers are breathable bamboo.